Program Development Timeline

  • The municipal aggregation statute requires that the Town obtain approval from the local governing authorities before initiating the development of the Plan. The Town satisfied the local approval requirement when the Town Meeting voted to initiate the process of municipal aggregation in May 2023.

  • Milford selected Good Energy, L.P. as its aggregation consultant to assist in developing this Plan, managing the supply procurement, developing and implementing the public education plan, interacting with the Local Distribution Company, National Grid, and monitoring the supply contract.

  • Milford prepared a Draft Plan and made it available for citizen review beginning on August 28, 2023 through October 2nd.
    Copies of the Plan are available on the Program website here, and in hard copy at Town Hall.

  • Milford held a public hearing on October 2nd to receive comments from citizens on the Plan.

  • The aggregation statute also requires that the Town consult with the Department of Energy Resources (“DOER”) in developing the Plan. The Town will submit a draft of the Plan to DOER, and Milford municipal officials and their Aggregation Consultant will meet with DOER to discuss that draft.

  • The Select Board will review and approve or reject the Plan.

  • Before being implemented, the Plan must be reviewed and approved by the Department. The Department will ensure that the Program satisfies all of the statutory requirements, including that the Plan provides universal access, a reliable power supply and equitable treatment for all customer classes.