How It Works

Milford Community Electricity does not replace National Grid as our electric utility: they continue to deliver electricity, repair outages and manage all billing.  The program offers alternatives for the Supply portion of your bill.  See the Understanding Your Bill section on the National Grid website to see the difference between Supply and Delivery sections.

The program is open to electricity customers in Milford– whether they be a resident, business, a renter or owner. 

Prior to program launch, Milford will conduct extensive education and outreach to notify our community

The program has voluntary participation with automatic enrollment.

  • Voluntary participation: Customers can leave the program at any time, either before the program starts or during, without penalty.
  • Automatic enrollment for most: In Milford, most residential and some business customers are receiving their electricity supply from the National Grid Basic Service. For these customers, entry into the program is simple and easy. Ratepayers are given a 30-day period during which they have the opportunity to opt out (i.e., not participate) or choose one of the program’s optional products. Those who do not opt out are automatically enrolled in the program.

    Each customer eligible for automatic enrollment will receive a Customer Notification Letter in the mail. It will contain program details and provide ways to opt out via prepaid mailer, phone and/or online form.
  • Opt-in required for some: Those Massachusetts residents and businesses who have already chosen an electricity supplier other than National Grid are not automatically enrolled in the program, though they can voluntarily opt into the program at any time during the contract term. The Department of Public Utilities advises all third party supply customers to review their contract terms as their supplier may impose a fee or penalty in order to leave before their supply contract ends. 

Solar electricity consumers will not be impacted and will continue to receive all net metering credits while participating in the Program.

Budget Billing and Low Income Delivery Rate customers will continue to receive those benefits from the utility while participating in the Program.

Questions & Support

Have questions about the program design or approval process? Please visit the contact page and send us your inquiry.